Romancing Your Ex Girlfriend – 4 Tips To Bring The Love Back

Dealing with the desire to try and romance an ex girlfriend is always going to be kind of tough, because of the simple fact that you are dealing with feelings of disappointment in the relationship not working out the way that you wanted it to and you are hoping that you can find a way to bring the love back if you can. When you have those feelings to deal with and you also aren’t really sure of what you need to do to make your ex girlfriend feel like she wants to work things out with you, that is always going to lead to confusion and that is something that you don’t want to have to deal with if you don’t have to.

Here are 4 tips to help you romance your ex girlfriend and get rid of any confusion that you might be feeling right now about what to do to bring the love back:

1)  When you approach your ex girlfriend with the goal of winning her back, you have to be a little bit sly about not letting her know that this is what you are trying to do.
You don’t want to be sly just for the sake of deceiving your ex girlfriend, that’s not what this is about.   What you need to remember is that your ex girlfriend is going to be on the defensive a little bit and you can bypass her defenses if she doesn’t think that you are just trying to win her back. She may consider that as a possibility and that is okay, you just don’t want to let her know outright that this is what is on your mind because if you do, you are at risk for her flaking out on you and not giving you any chance at all to have any time to try and work your magic on her again.
2)  Romancing your ex girlfriend the second time around is a lot like it was the first time around.
One of the more common mistakes that you can make in trying to win back an ex girlfriend is thinking that you don’t have to do the things that you did when you first met her. You have to look at this as being a totally fresh start and that means that you DO have to do some of those things that make her feel like it is the first time she is meeting you. That means that you don’t want to bring up the past with her and you don’t want to act like you expect her to take you back without you having to win her over again.
3)  Making her feel sexual attraction with you is something that you HAVE TO DO.
To think that you don’t have to work on making her feel sexually attracted to you again is going to also prove to be a big mistake. When relationships come to an end, most of the time that means that some of that sexual attraction has also come to an end and that is definitely something that you are going to have to work on if you want to have a second chance with your ex girlfriend. Seducing your ex girlfriend is one of the more effective ways of winning her back.
4)  You also have to make her feel like you really want HER and not just that you want to have a girlfriend again.
One of the fears that women will have when an ex boyfriend is trying to rekindle things is that he is only doing that because he is lonely and he wants to have a girlfriend again and the ex always seems like an easy option. You don’t want her to think that this is what is going on, because if she does –  there is a good chance that she is not going to allow herself to be an option for you anymore.

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