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Determined To Learn

Hey guys, I’m going to guess you’d like to learn how to pick-up women, am I right? Let’s cut through the bull and find the quickest method. What’s that, hang with guys that are already successful and finding the hot babes consistently.

Not part of the in-crowd, not to worry, let’s move on to method number 2, practice. And by practicing I mean getting fully engaged in the sport, science and art of picking up women. Guys, it ain’t rocket science and once you learn the secrets, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it already.
There are only a few things that you need to get really good at, and any guy with a bit of motivation (that’s you right) can do it, I’m proof. Now let me say, right off the bat, I’m not a big fan of the term pick-up. Why? Because I like to have the ladies seeking me, meaning (usually) I don’t have to chase after them… MUCH better that way and so much easier. It doesn’t always work that way, but when it does… its gold and you don’t want to come across as desperate.

Here’s the school of thought. Investigation. You don’t to be and you certainly don’t want to seem like you HAVE to «get with» this girl (yeah I know she’s hot, but so are a lot of them). You’re going to talk with, merely to see if it’s worth taking the next step, same as you’d do when picking out a car. Take a close look, it (her) might be perfect, or maybe you’re looking for something else.

When you do it this way, things just start to fall in place, ask for her number, move in for the first kiss, whatever, it’s going to seem right.. not forced and she WILL respond. Now while your ultimate goal might be (likely is) trying to get her into bed, that shouldn’t be the foremost thought in your head when you walk toward her, they’ll see you coming and unless you’re a Brad Pitt lookalike, they’ve said «No», before you even said hello.
Women are savvy; they get hit on all the time, knowing this can give you an advantage. If you just walk up as some random guy, they KNOW what’s up, they know you’ll do and say almost anything to get with her and that put them in control, that gives them the power and that is not where you want to be.
To put it another way, don’t walk up like your God’s gift to women (maybe you are) but you’ll want to exude that with a quiet confidence…
Think guys…think of how to talk with her in an interesting way…ask unique questions and see what she’ll say… you do not… REPEAT … DO NOT want to feed her some lame lines…Ask her things she hasn’t heard before, see what she says… tease her a bit, measure her up (body and mind), see if she meets your idea of the perfect woman. She’ll be doing the same with you, even though she might not realize it at the time.
The EZ steps
Step one is figuring out what YOU want in a woman
Step two… be interesting, set yourself apart from the other guys
Step three… ask your questions so you can find out more about her, but make these questions something that you know about, that way you’ll be telling her about you, while asking about her.
Like adventurous girl… ask her about something exciting she might have done. Like party girls… ask her about the best place she’s visited to hear her favorite band. Like intelligent girls… ask about current events and find out her take on it.
When you do it this way, have a normal conversation, but weave in interesting things, then watch how she reacts, THEN you’re getting someplace. Smile, tease, when the timing is right light touching (not groping) turns the conversation very easily into flirting, something both of you can enjoy… and who know where it might lead.
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Friends with benefits

I’ve been offered several times to be”friends with benefits”which sounds like bullshit but it works when I just want to bone the guy;) But recently I had a guy I really thought I clicked with say I”wasn’t what he was looking for as far as a girlfriend”and couldn’t put his finger on what it was I did wrong. But he said he had a good time on our date and wouldn’t mind being friends or friends with benefits. How can I get guys to think of me as worth more than that like how I see myself? Anonymous asked: I’ve been offered several times to be”friends with benefits”which sounds like bullshit but it works when I just want to bone the guy;) But recently I had a guy I really thought I clicked with say I”wasn’t what he was looking for as far as a girlfriend”and couldn’t put his finger on what it was I did wrong. But he said he had a good time on our date and wouldn’t mind being friends or friends with benefits. How can I get guys to think of me as worth more than that like how I see myself?

Here’s the thing with men—they ALWAYS say that if you ask them too early! Your problem isn’t that men don’t see you as girlfriend material, it’s that you’re asking too early for that sort of commitment!
Remember, to men, commitment is fucking scary and they give up their manly drive to hunt vagina like deer in open season when they commit to a chick and they are NOT about to do that if they can help it. Your goal is to get under their skin through enough repeated contact with them that THEY decide they WANT to give that all up to be with you. It’s a long process, and it’s a game, and that is essentially what seduction is—convincing someone else that you’re the shit and you must be snatched up at any cost!
So first of all, don’t bring up commitment and being his girlfriend. Let him do that. Your job is to convince him that’s the right move, and he wants to make it. So wow him on your dates by being charming and pretty and flirty and then when the date is over, disappear for a bit. Men love nothing more than a woman that, quite simply, leaves them alone. Trust me, he won’t be forgetting you, he will be noticing that you don’t *bug* him. He’ll really like that. Then when you do reach out to him again, suggest something fun and exciting to do together. Don’t do the «hey what’s up» «what are you up to?» texts—no always have a reason to text him so he thinks you have a really busy, full life and aren’t bored and pining away for him. He’ll think you’re independent and smart and «not like the other girls».

So do this for awhile, and take him to some fun places, travel with him, have fun. All the while completely acting like you could care less if he dates and fucks other women. Also drop hints that you see other men as well. And keep telling him «I love hanging with you, I love how laid back this is, how we can be together and have fun but not have that heavy commitment shit, you know?»
Basically—reverse psychology his ass. Keep telling him that YOU don’t want commitment, and that YOU want to stay free, and that YOU just don’t see him as a boyfriend. That will freak him out. Obviously, say these things but act like you DO want him as a boyfriend, do little things for him that suggest you really do care (remembering his sandwich order, picking up his favorite soda, listening to him bitch on the phone, ect). That way, he’ll get the signal that you want him enough that he’ll then try to get you.
Eventually he’ll bring up wanting to be with you in a serious relationship and you should definately be hesitant in answering. DO NOT say «OMG YES!!!» immediately, that will turn him off and make him rethink things. Pause and say you’ll think about it. Then ignore him for a few days. Make him uneasy. Come back and say that you’ll give it a shot.

Really, when this guy said to you that you «weren’t what he was looking for as far as a girlfriend goes» he really was saying «I’m not ready for commitment right now because I barely know you and you’re freaking me out by asking me this too soon, and by asking me this at all».
General rule of thumb is that a man does the asking in relationships because the man is the one less likely to want to be in them to begin with. As a female, your job is to get him to ask, to plant the idea in his head to date you WITHOUT HIM KNOWING that that’s what you’re doing. Which is easy, because (no offense) men can be very unaware about the games going on in this whole process.

Anyways, good luck girl! Keep brushing up on the sex (that’s a huge deal with guys and a girl who’s good in bed will automatically get a +2 in their head for the girlfriend department), keep acting like you don’t need him but like him a lot, and let him come to you. Be indepednent but not TOO much, give him enough to want it badly but don’t act like he’s the only option you have. Again, men want to WORK to get the prize (i. e. YOU). So make yourself the prize and just act so self confident and act like «I don’t need you—you need me» and as soon as you start ACTING that way, guys will treat you with the respect you want.

Remember too, fake it until you make it. If this seems like too much, another option is to just act like you’re the queen bee and that no man is good enough for you to date. Say you hook up because the guys you sleep with satisfy you sexually but aren’t good enough to date you. Any guy who hears that won’t think «bitch»—he’ll think «oh wow this girl is picky, I wonder what’s wrong with me, how can I get her to want me??» Psychology dictates that whoever gets turned down, wants that person even more because they said no to them. So don’t be the one getting turned down—BE the one turning them down!
Good luck and remember you are ALWAYS worth the best and make men work to have you! 🙂 xoxo

Ms. Manners Was Wrong – Your Pleasure Comes First, and Hers From Yours

A woman wants a dominant lover in bed who will ravish her with forcefulness and desire.
A lot of guys think that learning techniques and positions is what matters most in being a great lover. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

The FIRST thing you need to master in the bedroom, before anything else, is how to be a dominant MAN in bed, and not an average Joe.
Average Joe believes that a woman wants a man to respect her in the bedroom.
Average Joe believes that a woman doesn’t want to get f*cked, but that she wants to make love.
Average Joe believes that men and women have to act equally in the bedroom in every way.
Average Joe makes sure she’s not uncomfortable at any point.
Average Joe always asks for permission before trying anything new.
And Average Joe convinces himself that he’s found a good girl who doesn’t like to do all those other things.

But Average Joe isn’t the bad boy that women sexually fantasize and get off to.
What women really want is a dominant man who will rail the living daylights out of her and who doesn’t ask permission to break her in half against the bed board.
Women really want to be sexually submissive to a powerful man who takes what he wants from her and tells her bad, dirty things in the heat of passion.

Women really want a man who puts her back in touch with her own animal nature and is free of all the sexual moralizing and inhibiting social conditioning.
In short, women get off in being sexually dominated.

This desire to spread her legs and be submissive to a dominant man is one of women’s deepest instincts. Biologically, through millions of years of evolutionary pressure, women desire to take the seed of a sexually dominant man and give birth to his sexually fit offspring.
Taking the lead and taking control in the bedroom also frees women of any guilt or inhibitions. Because they are being ravished, swept away, and taken with forcefulness and desire, women don’t have to feel guilty for letting their passions out and giving themselves up to pleasure.
So how do you become a dominant man in the bedroom?

Here’s the core mindset: Contrary to mainstream Ms. Manners sex advice, your pleasure comes first… and hers from yours.

The sexual beast inside of you has no inhibitions about treating her like a sexual object, free to satisfy your deepest desires. Don’t try too hard to please her. Don’t endlessly try to figure out what she wants. Don’t ask her for permission. Women want a leader in bed. Go with what pleases you in the moment. Tell her to do what you want her to do and how you want her to dress up for you.
F*ck her like a mindless sex toy. F*ck her on the walls, tables, chairs, standing up, with plenty of dirty talk and plenty of action in between. Throw yourself into it with abandon and with gusto, and without the worries or the fear.

Don’t worry about her pleasure or giving her an orgasm at first, take yours. Only when you’ve established dominance and hard f*cking should you turn your attention back to giving her orgasms.
And even when she leads once in a while, you are letting her lead. You can take control and lead anytime you want.
That’s how the dominant man f*cks his woman.

The Benefits of Free Video Dating

Online dating web sites have penetrated the internet. Obviously, all of them would certainly say that these are the best. It is then more difficult for folks to select for your reputable and also legitimate online dating website. There are online dating web sites that require some money to become a member however, there are also free video dating sites that provide you with the same service with regard to free.

Once you sign up, you will be able to gain access to their data source and choose the people that interests you from your locality or even overseas. There is an option to look for individual of the identical age, exact same interests, identical religion and other factors. These 4 elements are important inside looking for the compatible individual.

The free video dating has its own pros and cons. On the positive facet, online dating provides you with several choices. Before, you might be confined to pick your possible partner area but online dating sites has large database associated with possible times. This is very beneficial especially to senior citizens which can be single who’re looking for companions in life. Together with online dating sites, they will be amazed on the large numbers of elderly people that have exactly the same outlook.

When comparing online dating to conventional dating, it is cheaper. Though there are lots of free dating websites, there are also online dating websites that require them to pay a little amount in order to meet the achievable partner in your life. But then, this small amount is certainly not compared to the standard dating where you need to see one another personally. You will need to spend money for petrol and food when you’re out on a conventional date. Since you have the time to speak with the person in person, it would be simple for you to assess if you’re falling for your person.

This will also offer you time to examine if you are compatible with each other according to your dialogue. Likewise, free video dating sites make it handy and easy so that you can communicate together by giving one another your contact details. This will give you time to eliminate any awkwardness that always occurs about the first time they see one another personally.

Nonetheless, you have to be careful when you choose the free video dating site simply because usually these web sites are the sufferers of harmful and pervert individuals. For this reason, you must check if the actual dating site is dependable and not include in any destructive activities. Moreover, if you choose any dating site that ask for a particular fee, you should know the rules be a part of them because there are other sites that constantly charge you if you respond to a specific profile.

There are lots of online dating sites that require them to pay a small amount so that they can meet the possible partner in life.