How to Attract a Man

Have you ever noticed that some women always seem to be surrounded by an adoring group of men? These women never have to open a door or pull out a chair, and certainly have no trouble finding dates. Is it a prettiness factor? No, not usually. Granted, these women may be attractive, they are not necessarily fantasy pin up girls, or slam-on-your-brakes in traffic beautiful. Is it the easiness factor? No. While it would be nice to group these girls together and declare them all trashy, it usually takes more than a first meeting for men to make that assumption. So how is it that some women can naturally attract a man seemingly without effort?
Okay, here’s an even better question…how do you become one of those women that are magnets to the opposite sex?
Stay in Your Happy Place: Everyone is drawn to happy people, so make sure you are a happy person. That means no whining. Little triggers such as complaints about the server, snarky comments about someone’s attire or the age old “it’s too hot (cold, dry, smokey, dark, bright, loud, quiet) in here” are all negative vibes that detract from you. In fact, it often creates a silent barrier around you, making you less approachable. Yes indeed, that also includes name-calling and cattiness in general. Lighten up, have some fun and let the little things go.
Smile and the World Smiles with You: It is tradition in some overpopulated Asian countries to substitute a smile for a hello when passing a friend on crowded streets. A smile is the best icebreaker in the world. Forget the seductive looks or smoldering glances, nothing says “come talk to me” better than an honest to goodness smile. Not only that, but women look better when they smile. A smile shows in your face, your eyes and your body. So go ahead, light up the room!
Break from the Pack: There are times when there is strength in numbers, but when you want to attract a man, you’re better on your own. That doesn’t mean you should hide in the corner or wander off by yourself. Try to keep your posse small, two or three at best. Also, take half a step away from the others. This little bit of distance sends a signal that you are approachable and open. Just because it is girls’ night out, does not mean you should be standing hip to hip.
The most important thing to remember is to act like a lady! That means using your manners, saying thank-you if a man buys you a drink, and generally being polite to everyone around you. It also means no off-colored stories, no swinging from the chandeliers and no belching contests. Have you ever met someone you thought was really fantastic and then they…? So try to refrain from the dot-dot-dot actions. If too much alcohol turns you into the queen of mean, try sipping some ice water. You are, after all, attempting to attract a man, not a mongrel.

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