Ever Tried Forcing a Woman Into Like You?

Have you ever tried to force somebody to do something that they didn’t want to do? How did that work out for you? My guess would be it didn’t work out very well at all for either of you.

The same applies for women the simple truth is you cannot force a women to like you.
I constantly see guys trying to force girls into liking them, I’m not talking about physically forcing them, more along the lines of trying to talk her into liking him, or even worse trying to buy her things or trying to impress her so she will like him.
This is a bad idea when you meet somebody for the first time; it shows you are a very low status guy, and no women wants to date a guy with low status. If you are talking to a girl that you like and for some reason she tells you she is not interested in you, don’t beg and plead or try and force her to change her mind, by doing this all you will be showing her is that she made the right decision to get rid of you in the first place.
Instead you need to set yourself up as the high status person who picks and chooses who he dates, so how do you do this? Simple you do the work on yourself to become this person, the person that she is trying to impress and it’s not as hard as it sounds to become this guy.
So again if you find yourself trying to force girls to like you STOP IT!
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