E-Book Version of Seduction Science 3rd Edition Released!

An electronic book version of The Seduction Science System, 3rd Edition has been released, packed onto over 360 pages.
It’s been over four years now since I first released the original Seduction Science System, and since then THOUSANDS of truth-seeking guys have used my system to explode their success with beautiful women.
So I decided to RE-DO the complete system into an audio version, and work in all the NEW stuff that I’ve learned over the past few years.

And now I’ve released an electronic book version for INSTANT access.
Benefit #1 An eBook is easy to download and read! You can just turn on your computer and read your ebook right from the comfort of your own chair or print it out.
Benefit #2 There are no shipping costs involved in buying the eBook version! Forget about those shipping and handling charges.
Benefit #3 Delivery is immediate. Forget about taking the time to wait for your order in the mail. You can simply download your eBook from the Internet and receive your purchase immediately without any extra costs to you!
Benefit #4 Privacy and security. You will receive your ebook discreetly via the internet just moments after you order. You do nothing but read your ebook on the spot!
I also include the detailed and revolutionary advice of a man who meets and sleeps with more beautiful women in a single month than most men will in their entire lifetimes.
He’s the best I’ve ever known at picking up women in bars and night clubs (better than me) and walking out with any woman of his choice.

I was very fortunate that he allowed me to share his secrets and incredible mindset here in this program.
After all, nothing compares to actually hear from the very best who are living a lifestyle most guys only fantasize about. Here’s just a few of things that you’ll learn.
McMaax’s 18 rules for picking up women.
McMaax’s 7-point escalation model.
McMaax’s wild and eye-opening field reports that lead to make-outs.
McMaax’s rules for knocking women off their feet in night clubs.
How to handle groups of girls so that ALL of the girls in the group want you to succeed.
McMaax’s theory of”dominant frame control”that allows you to smash through any barrier.
How to use multiple thread theory to keep women engaged in conversation.
The must rules of nighttime seduction versus daytime seduction.
Lots of field-tested, proven openers that you can use yourself.
How to turn around sets of girls when things aren’t going your way.
How to properly deliver value zingers to create intrigue with the most beautiful of women.
How McMaax gets women to chase him.
McMaax’s unique and surprising method of scoring makeouts in clubs complete with field reports.
How McMaax picks up women when they have men around them.
How to out-alpha other alpha males and other competition.
How to use your friends as help in clubs, rather than them holding you back.
McMaax’s advice on picking up strippers with field report.
The danger of routine dependency and how to avoid the trap.
The difference between a”seducer”and an”attraction artist.”
Why McMaax thinks that most guys fail and what you can do RIGHT NOW about it…
And much, much more in over 50 pages of no-nonsense, jam-packed advice!
Don’t be another miserable statistic. You know, the kind of guy who lived out only 10% of his sexual potential. You’re only one hair away from having easy success in approaching and opening women with complete confidence and certainty. Nothing should stop you from making that last small step that will explode your success with women and dating.

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