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Hey guys, I’m going to guess you’d like to learn how to pick-up women, am I right? Let’s cut through the bull and find the quickest method. What’s that, hang with guys that are already successful and finding the hot babes consistently.

Not part of the in-crowd, not to worry, let’s move on to method number 2, practice. And by practicing I mean getting fully engaged in the sport, science and art of picking up women. Guys, it ain’t rocket science and once you learn the secrets, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it already.
There are only a few things that you need to get really good at, and any guy with a bit of motivation (that’s you right) can do it, I’m proof. Now let me say, right off the bat, I’m not a big fan of the term pick-up. Why? Because I like to have the ladies seeking me, meaning (usually) I don’t have to chase after them… MUCH better that way and so much easier. It doesn’t always work that way, but when it does… its gold and you don’t want to come across as desperate.

Here’s the school of thought. Investigation. You don’t to be and you certainly don’t want to seem like you HAVE to «get with» this girl (yeah I know she’s hot, but so are a lot of them). You’re going to talk with, merely to see if it’s worth taking the next step, same as you’d do when picking out a car. Take a close look, it (her) might be perfect, or maybe you’re looking for something else.

When you do it this way, things just start to fall in place, ask for her number, move in for the first kiss, whatever, it’s going to seem right.. not forced and she WILL respond. Now while your ultimate goal might be (likely is) trying to get her into bed, that shouldn’t be the foremost thought in your head when you walk toward her, they’ll see you coming and unless you’re a Brad Pitt lookalike, they’ve said «No», before you even said hello.
Women are savvy; they get hit on all the time, knowing this can give you an advantage. If you just walk up as some random guy, they KNOW what’s up, they know you’ll do and say almost anything to get with her and that put them in control, that gives them the power and that is not where you want to be.
To put it another way, don’t walk up like your God’s gift to women (maybe you are) but you’ll want to exude that with a quiet confidence…
Think guys…think of how to talk with her in an interesting way…ask unique questions and see what she’ll say… you do not… REPEAT … DO NOT want to feed her some lame lines…Ask her things she hasn’t heard before, see what she says… tease her a bit, measure her up (body and mind), see if she meets your idea of the perfect woman. She’ll be doing the same with you, even though she might not realize it at the time.
The EZ steps
Step one is figuring out what YOU want in a woman
Step two… be interesting, set yourself apart from the other guys
Step three… ask your questions so you can find out more about her, but make these questions something that you know about, that way you’ll be telling her about you, while asking about her.
Like adventurous girl… ask her about something exciting she might have done. Like party girls… ask her about the best place she’s visited to hear her favorite band. Like intelligent girls… ask about current events and find out her take on it.
When you do it this way, have a normal conversation, but weave in interesting things, then watch how she reacts, THEN you’re getting someplace. Smile, tease, when the timing is right light touching (not groping) turns the conversation very easily into flirting, something both of you can enjoy… and who know where it might lead.
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