Dating Advice for Balding Men

As the years crept by, something else was creeping even more subtly: your hairline. Maybe you have been watching its progress with growing horror or maybe it snuck up on you seemingly overnight. You see the increasing surface area on your scalp and you worry about it making you look older or undesirable.

However, that is not the case at all.You have now joined the ranks of sexy balding men, such as Christopher Meloni, Billy Zane, Jude Law, and even the young Prince William. So what do these men have that manage to draw hordes of women to them (besides money and fame)? Self-confidence. They don’t hide their receding hairlines. They don’t hide their scalps under toupees. And neither should you.

Toupees and comb- overs can be very tempting for the balding man. For the man grasping at straws, a toupee can seem very realistic. However, they rarely look real and can be more trouble than they’re worth. Think of all the horror stories you have heard about a man’s toupee blowing away, falling off, and even being grabbed during a passionate moment. Comb- overs are even worse: they call for a man to have long hair in some areas (which sharply contrasts his bald spots) and they require a lot of creative maneuvering—something men should avoid where their hair is concerned. Most importantly, a comb-over is not subtle. It does not hide your embarrassment: it exaggerates it.

You have undoubtedly heard the phrase, “Fake it ‘til you make it” many times. There is a reason this line is so popular. It is essential to gaining confidence. You may not feel great about your appearance right now, but nobody knows that. Make them think you welcome this change, that you have never felt sexier. If you feel it, others will too.

Take this opportunity to change your hairstyle. For the most part, very short hair is ideal for balding men. This takes the emphasis away from the sparser areas. Try trimming the overall length to less than or about 1.5 inches. The shorter the better, with the exception being smooth shaven—Bruce Willis may be able to pull this look off, but not many others can.

Try to have a sense of humor about it. Donald Trump, who is famously known for his outlandish comb-over, once let Larry King touch his hair on air, proving that it was not a toupee. There are websites dedicated to the “science” of his comb-over. Yet he laughs about this.If you make jokes about going bald, others will see that it doesn’t bother you. However, know when enough is enough. Too many bald jokes and it’ll come across as insecurity. Find the balance between good-natured humor and self-deprecation.
Finally, remember that balding is not an uncommon occurrence. Women are not turned off by a bald head. On the flip side, it can enhance your appearance or give you an “edge.” But the most important way of making sure a woman knows you’re hot is to believe it yourself.

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