How to Attract a Man

Have you ever noticed that some women always seem to be surrounded by an adoring group of men? These women never have to open a door or pull out a chair, and certainly have no trouble finding dates. Is it a prettiness factor? No, not usually. Granted, these women may be attractive, they are not necessarily fantasy pin up girls, or slam-on-your-brakes in traffic beautiful. Is it the easiness factor? No. While it would be nice to group these girls together and declare them all trashy, it usually takes more than a first meeting for men to make that assumption. So how is it that some women can naturally attract a man seemingly without effort?
Okay, here’s an even better question…how do you become one of those women that are magnets to the opposite sex?
Stay in Your Happy Place: Everyone is drawn to happy people, so make sure you are a happy person. That means no whining. Little triggers such as complaints about the server, snarky comments about someone’s attire or the age old “it’s too hot (cold, dry, smokey, dark, bright, loud, quiet) in here” are all negative vibes that detract from you. In fact, it often creates a silent barrier around you, making you less approachable. Yes indeed, that also includes name-calling and cattiness in general. Lighten up, have some fun and let the little things go.
Smile and the World Smiles with You: It is tradition in some overpopulated Asian countries to substitute a smile for a hello when passing a friend on crowded streets. A smile is the best icebreaker in the world. Forget the seductive looks or smoldering glances, nothing says “come talk to me” better than an honest to goodness smile. Not only that, but women look better when they smile. A smile shows in your face, your eyes and your body. So go ahead, light up the room!
Break from the Pack: There are times when there is strength in numbers, but when you want to attract a man, you’re better on your own. That doesn’t mean you should hide in the corner or wander off by yourself. Try to keep your posse small, two or three at best. Also, take half a step away from the others. This little bit of distance sends a signal that you are approachable and open. Just because it is girls’ night out, does not mean you should be standing hip to hip.
The most important thing to remember is to act like a lady! That means using your manners, saying thank-you if a man buys you a drink, and generally being polite to everyone around you. It also means no off-colored stories, no swinging from the chandeliers and no belching contests. Have you ever met someone you thought was really fantastic and then they…? So try to refrain from the dot-dot-dot actions. If too much alcohol turns you into the queen of mean, try sipping some ice water. You are, after all, attempting to attract a man, not a mongrel.

Dating Advice for Balding Men

As the years crept by, something else was creeping even more subtly: your hairline. Maybe you have been watching its progress with growing horror or maybe it snuck up on you seemingly overnight. You see the increasing surface area on your scalp and you worry about it making you look older or undesirable.

However, that is not the case at all.You have now joined the ranks of sexy balding men, such as Christopher Meloni, Billy Zane, Jude Law, and even the young Prince William. So what do these men have that manage to draw hordes of women to them (besides money and fame)? Self-confidence. They don’t hide their receding hairlines. They don’t hide their scalps under toupees. And neither should you.

Toupees and comb- overs can be very tempting for the balding man. For the man grasping at straws, a toupee can seem very realistic. However, they rarely look real and can be more trouble than they’re worth. Think of all the horror stories you have heard about a man’s toupee blowing away, falling off, and even being grabbed during a passionate moment. Comb- overs are even worse: they call for a man to have long hair in some areas (which sharply contrasts his bald spots) and they require a lot of creative maneuvering—something men should avoid where their hair is concerned. Most importantly, a comb-over is not subtle. It does not hide your embarrassment: it exaggerates it.

You have undoubtedly heard the phrase, “Fake it ‘til you make it” many times. There is a reason this line is so popular. It is essential to gaining confidence. You may not feel great about your appearance right now, but nobody knows that. Make them think you welcome this change, that you have never felt sexier. If you feel it, others will too.

Take this opportunity to change your hairstyle. For the most part, very short hair is ideal for balding men. This takes the emphasis away from the sparser areas. Try trimming the overall length to less than or about 1.5 inches. The shorter the better, with the exception being smooth shaven—Bruce Willis may be able to pull this look off, but not many others can.

Try to have a sense of humor about it. Donald Trump, who is famously known for his outlandish comb-over, once let Larry King touch his hair on air, proving that it was not a toupee. There are websites dedicated to the “science” of his comb-over. Yet he laughs about this.If you make jokes about going bald, others will see that it doesn’t bother you. However, know when enough is enough. Too many bald jokes and it’ll come across as insecurity. Find the balance between good-natured humor and self-deprecation.
Finally, remember that balding is not an uncommon occurrence. Women are not turned off by a bald head. On the flip side, it can enhance your appearance or give you an “edge.” But the most important way of making sure a woman knows you’re hot is to believe it yourself.

How To Meet Girls By Yourself

Avoid Being Boring
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Tips to Approaching Women When You Are Scared of Rejection

You are not alone if you get scared of the idea of approaching women because you fear rejection. The fear of rejection is one of the most common social fears that people of all walks of life have. Even a lot of the people that you would think do not have this kind of fear, do. Dealing with it is not always easy. And if it keeps you from actually doing what you want to do, as in, approaching a woman, it can have pretty severe consequences on your life.
After all, what joy can you get out of life if you are held back by the fear of rejection?
Some people will never get over this. They will allow this fear to keep them in virtual chains. They will only socialize with the same people that they feel comfortable with. Some will go as far as staying inside of their house most of the time. Now, it may not really be that bad for you. Still, if it keeps you from walking on over to a woman you find attractive, you have to admit that it does have a negative impact on you and your life.

How do you over come this so that you CAN start approaching women?

Tip 1 – Admit to yourself that this is an issue that you DO want to work on.
Just being able to admit that you have a problem with approaching women is something that you need to be able to do, and most guys will not. They don’t want to feel vulnerable or they just don’t want to admit it in front of their peers or something. Well, you don’t have to openly tell someone else, but you do have to be honest with yourself and admit that you do have a fear of rejection and that it does keep you from advancing on a woman that you would like to be able to talk to and get to know.
Tip 2 – Visualize yourself actually going through the motions of approaching a woman, and imagine yourself being confident and not caring if she rejects you.
The key to using this kind of visualization technique is to make it as REAL as possible. If you do make it as real as you possibly can and you normally get nervous or feel the fear coming over you, then you should be able to feel it when you are just visualizing yourself approaching a woman. If you are not, then you are not making it REAL enough. If you can, visualize everything else that would be there in that situation. Picture the bar, the crowd of people, the noise of the music, etc.
Tip 3 – Take that same visualization, and now drown out all of the other things, so that all you see is the woman you want to approach and feel a sense of calmness coming over you.
Once you are able to get to the point where it feels REAL and you can see everything around you, you want to take away all of the other stuff like the bar, the crowd, the sound of the music. This helps to get you in that zone where you don’t feel the nerves so much. And once you feel that calmness come over you and you visualize yourself approaching her, feel what it’s like to talk to her now. If it feels more comfortable and like you don’t care if she rejects you or not, you’re done.

Now, this visualization technique will not make all of the fear instantly go away. You will still feel some it, What it DOES do, is give you a point of reference in your mind where you can see yourself feeling the way that you normally do, changing that feeling, and actually succeeding in making the approach.
Obviously, this technique will not work overnight, and it is not the entire answer. However, it can help you to get started, and when you discover how to approach women with confidence, you’ll find that the fear of rejection becomes a thing of the past.